Similar to a 'web log' except so many people that keep blogs seem like they wouldn't keep/write in/promote things in something called a "log" in real life.

Mom and dad don't understand. Not even the kids at school. I gotta go write in my log.

I doubt it. Anyways, I guess the reason blogs took off instead of bdiaries and bjournals is because it's more fun to say. Or actually possible to say. 

This web journal will be useless and irrelevant.  Current events will not be discussed in any helpful manner, crucial scientific advances and gorgeous celebrities will be ignored, only entirely inedible or extremely unhealthy brunch recipes will be shared, and the only gossip will be baseless rumors about myself or other imaginary people. I won't, however, spare you from even one of my beauty tips. (Did you know hair clippings can be used as fertilizer for your home garden? Did you also know that garden fertilizer applied directly to the scalp can increase hair growth, health, and thickness!? That's right, if my math is right, that means that hair clippings applied back to the scalp can help those spots that are thinning out! Maybe consider a small hair-clipping compost bin for the best results!)

I'll be back later.