I drew this today. I sat in a place for several hours, a place in which every single piece of art on the walls contained likenesses of bread and/or bread products. I would rather sit in a little "Mom and Pop" place, but the ones I've seen around here so far are a little more stingy with their coffee and I really want to be able to just get a mug and get refills. I'll pay extra. I don't mind.  
Anyways, anyhow, as soon as I sat down with my food, which was a tuna sandwich and  turkey chili (and a refillable mug of coffee of course) I was overwhelmed with the sensation that someone near me had terrible body odor. With a couple sidelong glances I decided that no one near me strongly resembled a hobo or an unshowered athlete, so exuding what I hoped was a sense of calm and cool while reeling with a spoonful of panic, I plunged my nose into my shirt and followed that with a confident sniff of the sleeve of my hoodie. I was happy to find that my shirt smelled of deodorant and my hoodie smelled of hoodie, so with a couple more furtive glances and sniffs I picked up my spoon.  Bringing the bowl closer to me, I quickly realized that it was the scent of the chili that I had mistaken for body stank, which worried me a little, but I was able to convince myself that it was I that was at fault, not the chili. When I approached it with the right mindset, the chili did, in fact, smell like chili. Pretty much.  I just hope no one nearby smelled my chili and was unable to solve the mystery as fast as I. 

Then, on a full and content stomach, I drew that picture while listening to a few of my favorite Moby songs including PorcelainHoneyNatural BluesRun On (or God's Gonna Cut You Down which I first heard sung by Johnny Cash, and I enjoy how different the two versions are), and Flower.  Extreme Ways, another song I like, is on an album that wasn't played there today, unfortunately. But I am listening to it as I write this.

Later on, as the day progressed and my life along with it, my friend and I took his boat and went out on the water to watch a local holiday "flotilla" of sorts. It was really just a parade, where the floats are actually floating, because they're boats. There were all sorts of cool lights and decorations and whatnot, and afterwards there was a fireworks show, which dragged on for far too long. The website advertised that the whole gig boasted a 21-minute long show, which may have been the actual length, but it felt like it dragged on for hours. Thoughts of "Oh this is neat, I love fireworks." turned into "Ok, ok, you can do the finale now. I love finales." It would have been an A+ fireworks show if they had just taken the last 2/3rds of it and added it to the finale instead. I guess it's nice to look at pretty lights exploding over the water while you sit in your boat or on your deck and sip at something with your arm around someone for a while for some people, but maybe we just want different things out of a fireworks show.  I'll take a short and desperate over-the-top explosive spasm of pyrotechnics over a long and drawn-out feature-length production with a plot and what seemed to be themes and major and minor characters and people leaving in the middle to boat back home to refill the cooler and making it back in time for the final climactic battle where the forces of good overcome all odds in that epic triumphal salvo at the end we'd all started at the edge of our seats waiting for but had since slid back a little and then down the chain and joined the anchor at the bottom of the channel where the murky brackish water offered to perhaps conjure up some sea life a little more captivating than that when it comes to fireworks.