Everyone's pants are always around their ankles. If they are full length pants being worn properly. Just the ankle part of the pants, though. The waist part is usually around the waist. Everything inbetween around everything inbetween. 

I got a haircut today. At this point my dad would probably make a joke about getting them all cut. That's a solid dadjoke. I went to GreatClips, which is maybe the worse place you pay people to cut your hair for you. On the upside, someone is cutting your hair for you. 
I grew up with my mom cutting my hair. My parents were missionaries at the beginning of my life, so she learned to cut hair in some of the field training courses. When you're out in the middle of the jungle I suppose it's nice to know how to do that stuff for your family instead of sending them off to the closest machete wielding local who the rest of the mullet-haired villagers affectionately call barber and butcher. Then again, maybe that would have been better for assimilation and I'm sure I would have loved it. 
I strutted into GreatClips trying to look confident and told them that Yes, I did want a haircut today. A ten minute wait would be fine. I sat down and started flipping through nonsense on my phone. A couple other guys came in, joined the end of the invisible line and left again. In the following ten minutes before my haircut several other people entered and left in low spirits after hearing the news about the now 35 or 40 minute wait. When it was my turn, the stylist promptly offered my spot to the people waiting "behind" me in line who had returned moments before, and they wondered aloud to her if perhaps it was, indeed, actually my turn. She seemed to apologize insincerely, directing me towards the chair and informed me it had been a "long day." I couldn't tell if she was joking or not, but I decided she must have been because the place had only been open for a few hours. Then again, maybe a lot of craaaazzzy stuff had happened. You never know. Then she cut a bunch of my hair off and I paid and was shooed out the door before I had a chance to ask for a ToGo box. 

I bought some health insurance today. That stuff is expensive. I bought the worse health insurance I could get my hands on. Thanks to some stuff Obama changed, I was able to stay on my parents' plan much longer than I would have been able to before, but still, all good things come to an end, and at the beginning of 2016 I'll truly be out on my own. This really is the worst part of being self-employed.  The lack of benefits.  There are plenty of other benefits, but there aren't any benefits in the way people like to use that word when it comes to this sort of thing. If I wanted to, I could buy a reeeeaaall nice health insurance plan and it would cost me as much as my rent does. Crazy. Two other solutions to this problem, things I could do besides just buying it outright, as I see it, would be to get a job with benefits, or to marry someone with a job with benefits. Both of those seem pretty time consuming and complicated.  But cheaper.  And both of them increase your income, in a sense.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for possibilities.