Recently I have attached to some of my Instagram posts blocks of text that are essentially meaningless run-on sentences. I call these "wordles." 
'Wordle' is a portmanteau of 'word' and 'doodle,' if that wasn't obvious. I call them that, because that's what they are. I go at them with the same basic mindset with which I go at my doodles, except I use words and strings of words instead of lines. And I don't use commas because it's fun to avoid those and I've always enjoyed run-on sentences.
I start out with some 'random' words that could logically go together in some context, and then I add on some other words and just continue adding words. Just like with drawing, as there are many different types and and combinations of lines, there are many, almost unknowable combinations of words.  It's a fun exercise. As I do it more and get 'better' at it, I'll get more comfortable with controlling the flow and feel of each wordle. Words can easily feel harsh or soothing or aggressive or depressing or just weird and it's fun to toy around with them. Mostly I just enjoy writing nonsense. 
I was a little apprehensive at beginning to share these in the first place because I was afraid people would think I was trying to do something I wasn't, I was afraid people would think I was trying to say something meaningful and just spitting out lines of nonsense, à la Deepak Choprah, or trying too hard to seem random and deep but my intent at the moment really is to just spout nonsense and enjoy it, in the same way most of my doodles aren't supposed to look like anything but I really enjoy drawing the lines and how the lines sit on the page next to each other. 

I hope a little of that made sense. Regardless, I started sharing my wordles without much explanation, and I probably shouldn't have even made any attempt at explanation here, for the best experience. People are calling them poetry and prose and saying they're out of breath after reading them, which I'm assuming is a joke, because who reads Instagram captions out loud, but it's all well and good. I'll keep posting them along with my drawings for the time being, because I enjoy it.